Aztron MERCURY All Around 10.10 iSUP

Safe, fun, innovative and affordable – the Aztron MERCURY All Around 10.10 iSUP revolutionizes the idea of a beginner paddleboard.

That starts with double-chamber technology, an innovation usually too expensive for those still deciding if stand up paddle boarding is for them. Aztron has reduced that price substantially without compromising this unique safety and stability feature. Two equally-sized chambers – one inner and one outer – mean a single leak won’t sink your whole craft. With one chamber still fully inflated you’ll have enough buoyancy to paddle safely to shore, instead of swimming for it and possibly losing your paddleboard in the bargain.

But that’s not the only benefit of dual-chamber design. Critics rave about how rigid and stable this paddleboard is. It’s comfortable for beginners paddling on their knees and builds their confidence when they rise to their surf stance. An anti-slip 4 mm diamond groove EVA footpad means your feet will stay put when the water splashes up. You might not see a lot of it, thanks to that rigid buoyancy and an up-front rocker that tilts up to skim easily over choppy water. Because the MERCURY is a wider board (32”), waves coming from the side will have to come pretty hard to upset you.

If they do, you won’t lose your board. Your coil safety leash is another high-end feature made affordable – with inner padding for comfort, a high-quality Velcro seal and stainless-steel swivels to prevent tangling. It’s part of a remarkable package of accessories that comes free with your board – including a dual-action pump that can inflate on the up and down stroke, a repair kit, and a sturdy black paddle with aluminum shaft, nylon blade and lock-tight assembly. It all comes in a double-zipper back pack with room left for your deflated board.

Double Chamber Technology
4mm diamond groove EVA footpad
Durable nylon and rubber pad handle for an extra-comfortable grip
Bungee cords for gear storage

Length: 10’10”/330 CM
Width: 32”/81 CM
Thickness: 6”/15 CM
Volume: 306 L
Max. Pressure: 1 bar/15 PSI
Max. Payload: 308 lbs/140 kg
Rec. Payload: 209 lbs/95 kg
Weight: 24 lbs/ 10.9 kg

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