Progression Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar – OCB47 (350lbs-28mm)

The Progression Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar might look crooked, but it can take you straight to bigger, stronger biceps, triceps and chest muscles.  Its snap-ring sleeves revolve around bronze bushings, making every lift feel smoother and easier. Like those sleeves, the bends in your bar have a productive purpose. They allow for a grip that puts less stress on your wrists, reducing injury and making weight lifting more amenable to rehab strength training. 

That opens the door to workouts that grow arm and upper body strength through isolation of muscle groups. Exercises include spider curls, EZ-bar curls, skull crushers, close-grip EZ-bar presses, reverse barbell preacher curls and lying triceps press, to name a few. This bar’s design allows you to take a narrower grip to give those tricep extensions and close-grip curls maximum impact while still giving you the option of a wider stress-free grip to work the outer head of the biceps.


Material: Chrome

Sleeve Rotation: Bushing

Outer Sleeve: Chrome



Total Bar Length: 1.194 m/47”

Bar Diameter: 28 mm/1 ¼”

Bar Weight: 13.7 kg/ 30 lbs

Total Sleeve Length: 190.5/7.5”

Outer Sleeve Length: 160 mm/ 6 5/16”

Maximum Weight Capacity: 159 kg/350 lbs

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