Progression Xplode Hercules 86” Olympic Bar (750lbs-28mm)

Up for some Olympic weightlifting? So is the Progression Xplode Hercules 86” Olympic Bar.

Two sturdy 16” outer sleeves can rack up as much as 750 lbs, while a bushing and needle- bearings greatly reduce friction between those sleeves and the 30 mm solid steel bar. As a result, your sleeves and weight plates have an easy roll that makes your lifting motion feel smoother and more easier, although your muscles are still gaining the full benefit.

Your lift will also feel more secure thanks to 16” inches of slip-proof knurling on either end of this seven-foot bar. The diamond pattern is just aggressive enough to let your hands really dig in without digging into your hands. You’ll find knurling marks that indicate where to grab hold for the best possible lift. You’ll also find 4 ¾” of more passive knurling at the centre of the bar, which can grip your shirt but not damage it while the Hercules rests on your shoulders.


Material: Chrome

Sleeve Rotation: bearing+bushing

Outer Sleeve: Chrome



Total Bar Length: 2.2 m/86 5/8”

Bar Diameter: 28 mm/1 1/8”

Bar Weight: 20 kg/44 lbs

Total Sleeve Length: 441 mm/17 3/8”

Outer Sleeve Length: 406 mm/ 16”

Maximum Weight Capacity: 340.2 kg/750 lbs

Warranty: 6 months from manufacturer defects

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