X-plode Power Tower (PFX-215)

Defined abs, stronger arms, a well-developed chest and a strengthened back will result from committed workouts on the Xplode 215 Power Tower. The chin-up/pull-up bar will work your arms and back; the push ups place focus on your chest while the vertical knee raise station targets your core. The twin dip handles are ergonomically spaced to help give you great dip workouts. Also included is a sit up station with foot pads for abdominal work. The Xplode 215 Power Tower delivers an impressive list of exercises packed into one station.

Simple. Basic. Rugged. Effective.



  • 14 gauge 2" x 2.75" steel construction
  • 4" ankle roller pads for ab workouts
  • Push up handles with rubber grips
  • 21" Dip handles with rubber grips
  • Grip pull up bar
  • Extra thick, 2.5" cushions
  • Double stitched, tear-resistant vinyl
  • Skid resistant bottom helps protect your floors from damage
  • Powder coat finish
  • Back cushion dimensions: 20"L x 9" W
  • Assembled dimensions: 56" L x 50" W x 84" H

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